WIN tickets to the Coffee & Chocolate Expo

What: Coffee & Chocolate Expo.
When: Friday, 1 – Sunday 3 May.
What’s happening: Durban’s first taste of the Coffee & Chocolate Expo will be taking place at SUNCOAST from Friday, 1 to Sunday 3 May. Enjoy learning more about coffee, its origins and how to pour the perfect cup at the Coffee Theatre, and then complement that by sampling the chocolate magic created by some of Durban’s top chefs at the Chocolate Workshop.

Here is what to look forward to;

KZN Regional Barista Championships:
Watch as KwaZulu-Natal’s best coffee professional’s battle it out for the title of Barista Champion of KZN. The top six finalists from the competition qualify for the National Finals, held at the end of 2015, and from the event, a South African Champion is chosen to compete at the WBC, in Dublin Ireland in 2016.

Coffee Theatre:
Join featured guests at the Coffee Theatre, this is a must for coffee connoisseurs and coffee snobs as they take you on a journey from bean to cup!

Chocolate Workshop:
Watch the chefs from 1000 Holls Chef School cook up a storm detailing what you can do with chocolate.

Cocoa Mokka Music Lounge:
Visit the lounge and sit back and relax with your favourite cup of coffee, wine or craft chocolate beer and be entertained by some of KZN’s favourite indie bands including; The Motherland.

Cost: Tickets can be purchased via iTickets and cost R60 per adult and R40 for pensioners and children under 12.
Contact: For more information and to book, visit |


WIN WIN WIN! We have 5 tickets to give away to 5 lucky winners!

To enter, leave us a comment below telling us whether you’re a chocaholic or a coffee-aholic, and why you’d love to go.

  • Jo-Anne Massey

    Such a hard choice because I LOVE both but I’m going to go with chocaholic this time cause what girl doesn’t LOVE chocolate?!

  • Nicola Meyer

    I’m going to have to say I’m more of a coffeeoholic as coffee is always in the house as the chocolate doesn’t last. Very keen to attend the expo to try new coffee styles.

  • Savy Naidoo

    What an exciting show. Love both chocolate and coffee. But I think nothing comes close to the amazing coffee aromas @ a coffee shop

  • Neil Meyer

    I’m both! Love my coffee and chocolate. Interested to see what chocolates are at the expo and to see the baristas in action.

  • Dawn W

    I am a chocoholic and a coffeeholic – mmmmmm chocolate and coffee mixed, what an awesome combination. I would love to go and see the baristas work their magic and be in a world where my favourite comforts are surrounding me

  • Warren Guerin

    Definitely a coffee-aholic, I always have at least 5 different types of beans in the house ready to make coffee, not to mention all the different ways to make it!

  • Gloria

    I would die without my coffee and chocolate, would love to attend this show and see what different things can be done with chocolate plus see the way the baristas work

  • Dean W

    I am a chocoholic and I would love to attend this awesome show to see the KZN Regional Barista Championships

  • Janet

    Eeeek so hard to decide…. I love chocolate and coffee both so much, they go together like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire….. if I had to choose I would have to say I’m probably more of a coffee-aholic. I would love love love to go to this Expo to see Chocolate and Coffee side by side and explore new tastes, textures and totally ahmazing smells…. oh the yumminess and pleasure of it it all! 🙂

  • David

    Both are same for me but I seem to sway more to coffee side as I can have more on a regular basis with out thinking too much of my waist.
    Want to as I love the smell of coffee.

  • Dominique

    I am most definitely a CHOCOHOLIC! Can’t get through even a few hours without my favourite treat! Really looking forward to checking out this awesome opportunity to learn more about coffee( as train through winter early mornings..likely to become a daily booster) and tasting all the fabulous chocolates 🙂

  • Kristy Fowles

    Without a doubt, I live for coffee!

  • Nicole

    I love both equally a chocoholic and coffeeholic .I simply love chocolates and the scent of coffee ,the taste and iys just my favourite

  • Anveer

    Coffee coffee coffee!

  • Well as a ballet teacher Im always ‘on the go’ and one thing that always gives me that little ‘extra’ when my energy reserves are low is “CHOCOLATE” !
    My late mom a professional dancer was responsible for teaching me this trick….always standing by when I was dancing competitively with the trusty chocolate bar close by…thank you Mom. Coffee is just the best compliment for chocolate and the two together are ….’a marriage made in heaven!’.
    If I win these tickets I will be taking my amazing cousin Dawn Wallenkamp and we will have Mom with us in spirit (her aunt!!). What a memorable day it will be.
    Thank you for offering this prize it really is AWESOME..
    just hope my name is on those tickets…holding thumbs…

  • nashiva

    I am both choca and coffa. 🙂

  • Lee Wilson

    I am TOTAL chocoholic, would eat chocolate all day everyday if my wallet and waistline would allow. We moved to KZN from Eastern Cape last year and haven’t yet had the pleasure of attending any of the expo’s in Durban. I would love this to be the first!!

  • Quintin Dreyer

    Coffee the fuel, chocolate the reward.

  • K.Singh

    Im a chocoholic!!! i sometimes eat chocolate for breakfast haha 🙂 keeps me in a good mood and energetic the rest of the day! Id love to go for this expo and go to town exploring new taste sensations and stocking up on some yummynesssss! pleassse pick me and help me fulfill my obsession with chocolate 🙂

  • Halima

    chocoholic living with a coffeeholic 🙂

  • Halima

    chocoholic living with a coffeeholic so I know we will absolutely have a blast over indulging in all our loves 😉

  • Tina Naidu

    Wow, I would be in heaven at this expo since I’m a lover of choccies and coffees. But I must say the airoma of coffee is so heavenly. I really get my wake up in the morning to my cup of coffee.

  • Natasha van Rensburg

    Being in the hospitality industry, I can’t learn enough about coffee and chocolate! I would definitely benefit greatly from going to this expo 🙂

  • Natasha van Rensburg

    Sorry I forgot to say I’m definitely a chocoholic…
    Being in the hospitality industry, I can’t learn enough about coffee and chocolate! I would definitely benefit greatly from going to this expo 🙂

  • Caitlin

    I am most DEFINITELY a full blown choca-coffee-holic. I cannot go without chocolate OR coffee in my life. Dipping my dark or milk chocolate in my hot, fragant mug of coffee is my favourite chill-out treat. My day has not started until the aromas of freshly made coffee start wafting around the house and awaken my mind and even my soul. All who know me know how much I LOVE and appreciate my chocolate and my coffee. I would be in absolute paradise at the expo, completely in my element and satisfied to a “C” 😉

  • Eve Morris

    I love chocolate, and coffee…. for me, they are both mediums to be used to create art, as well as remedies to help with the harsh realities of everyday existence. I would love to go to this expo.

  • Nereshnee

    2 of my favorite things in the world combined in 1 expo – this would be heaven on earth!

  • I’m a confirmed choca-coffee-holic! Mix coffee and chocolate together and you have a match made in heaven! I live by the credo that life’s too short to drink a bad cup of coffee or eat second-rate chocolate! I’ll be going to the Expo, whether I win tickets or not!

  • deren

    My mum and sister are huge fans,I would for my mum to go for a early mothers day treat

  • Cathy Cochrane

    I love love love coffee, and who doesn’t love chocolate?? It would be a real treat to attend

  • Nalika Pather

    Myself and my mom love our coffee and chocolates. It would be an ideal gift for my mom for mother’s day 🙂


    How can you go wrong with that combination??!

  • Chocoholic hands down. The chocolate world is so exciting right now with all the new flavours and techniques being used. Would love to see what Durban is bringing to the table.

  • Faye Dakers

    I am WITHOUT a doubt a CHOC-O-HOLIC!!! If you don’t believe me, well, I have the bum to show for it 🙂

  • Jozi Lyon

    I am a full time coffee and chocolate lover and I would love to win these tickets !!

  • Angela Sagar

    I am definitely a chocoholic! I can’t go to the shops without buying a chocolate. My weakness is dark chocolate, although I don’t discriminate! Milk chocolate, nutty chocolate, truffles, chilli chocolate; it’s all good! Chocolate is especially good with a cuppuccino.

    Not to mention, the expo falls on the first weekend of my birthday month! What a brilliant way to start it off.

  • Niksha Hiraman

    Im actually both a chocoholic and a coffee fanatic. I actually luv eating my chocolate with a cup of strong coffee. That keeps my day alive. I would love to go pls…

  • Jil Smith

    Firstly, I’m female so to protect my sanity, I obviously love chocolate. It’s my favourite food group.
    Secondly, I’m female so to protect everyone else’s sanity, I love coffee.

    That said, it all depends on the time of day as to which one I love more.

  • rozeena

    I am both a chocoholic & cofee-aholic. Though I would have to go with chocs 4 now coz I’m pregnant…….& crave it almost all the time. Tasting Durban’ s finest choc would be the ultimate indulgenceindulgence for me 😉

  • Janet

    I am a coffee and choclate addict. I cannot go a day without my favourite cup or two cups of coffee. I love love choclate as well. I try to be good. I would so love to indulge in my favourite coffee and choclate as well as have some fun. So please can i win some tickets 🙂

  • Natasha

    Chocolate and coffee…. it’s two fundamental elements to my staple diet!! Can’t live without it 🙂

  • Roxane

    Hi. My name is Roxane, and I’m an addict. I’ve had a chocolate every day since I was in school. In 28 now. If I miss a day of chocolate I’m sure to eat two the next day. This is not a joke to win tickets, this is s true story. So pick me. Chose me. Love me

  • Charlotte

    I love both equally, it’s hard to decide on which one I love more. I am a mother to a two month old baby and without coffee I don’t think I would be able to function properly and chocolate is my friend to comfort me when I’m down. I would love to go and experience all the different flavors and have fun while indulging in my two favorite things.

  • Sounds like heaven

  • Shak

    For just over 20 years, my husband could not have coffee or chocolate as it gave him migraines… Since he’s changed from chronic to herbal meds, these allergies have disappeared 😀 I think the poor guy deserves to finally see and taste what he’s been missing out on for 20 years!!!

  • Xoliswa Ndwandwe

    I’m 70% chocoholic and 30% coffee addict I enjoy both as the are from the beans and both chocolate and coffee compliment each other

  • Tasnim

    CHCOCOHOLIC…… If there’s no chocolate in Heaven, I’m not going…..thats how much i love chocolate!!!! So i really need these tickets.

  • Kade Spykerman

    I love my coffee! No better way to start a day! The taste of the various coffees, gives you that tingle! Its also some good fuel for the system! Chocolate… not a day goes past where I would turn down a piece of chocolate! would love to win some tickets to go to an experience of a lifetime!

  • Ryan Bradfield

    I am both a chocoholic and a coffee-aholic.This would make a big difference in my life.Need some cheering up after load shedding and violence against innocent people in our lovely city.
    Come on guys cheers me up!

  • Aemey

    I can’t even start my day unless I start with a large, warm mug of steaming coffee.
    Overindulge is my middle name, nothing could beat the aroma and taste of a good creamy cup of coffee! I’m defiantly a coffee-aholic. I would love to go to the Coffee & Chocolate Expo as i live with a chocaholic and it would be the perfect opportunity for us to share both our passions with each other.

  • Carmen

    I am a definitely a chocaholic and my husband is a coffee-aholic.
    I would love to go the Coffee and Chocolate Expo. 🙂

    • Sally

      We want the best of both worlds so this event is ideal for us. Chocolate for me and Coffee for my husband.

  • Leo

    First a coffeeholic (in fact I don’t think there is anything else in my veins) and second a dark chocoholic
    So need to go

  • Janet Moses

    I am on a tight budget this month but would so love to spoil myself at the Coffee and Choclate Expo at Suncoast. I am a coffee and choclate addict who uses any excuse to indulge in my favourite coffee and choclates. I try to be good but a gal got to do what a gal got to do and thats to indulge in the guilty pleasures of coffee and choclates. So yes please would love tickets for coffee and choclate expo at Suncoast 🙂

  • Cathy Badenhorst

    OMW how do you separate the two????? I cannot do without either 🙂 Would be thrilled to be able to attend this awesome show and would be such a thrill to experience the Chocolate Workshop and see what the chefs from 1000 Holls Chef School create.

  • Daniela

    BOTH <3 especially together, a creamy deliciousness like no other. Would love to go to the Expo and see the Barista's in action and also see the wonderful dishes created at the Chocolate Workshop

  • vanessa

    I would love to go for the coffee expo cos I’m a coffee freak. My husband hates coffee but I can’t do without it. From 16 I started with coffee and now I’m 32 and still drinking coffee. I won’t stop and will love to be at the coffee expo

  • Lisa

    I’m super crazy about chocolate and coffee. It’s what keeps me going everyday. Having an expo for both of the things I love sounds like I’ve died and gone to heaven (Or going to soon enough :p). I’m super keen to see what I can learn about both coffee and chocolate at the expo. Can’t wait! XD

  • Lynette Lombaard

    Omgosh coffee and chocolate is a match made in heaven for me and both definitely get a thumbs up. I’d love to win the tickets because going is to die for!!

  • Renuka Lallbahadur

    I’m a chocoffee holic….I love them both equally. A good cup of coffee is a must so I want to attend so that I can prepare the best coffee and perhaps learn new and exciting ways to use chocolate.

  • Chandre Jones

    Im definitely a choco-coffeholic , I am literally chocolate and coffee obsessed.. To the point where I cant choose between the 2.. This event is definitely a double trouble whammy for me hehehe… chocolate coffee comma here I come… I would love to win tickets to this amazing event 🙂

  • Denzel _03

    There is nothing more than just being a kid and eating as much chocolate as you can ever imagine , it would be like a Willy Wonka in Durban …chocolate durbanite ….I hope me and my wife can attend this and continue being kids ….:)

  • Joles

    I do believe I am the worlds greatest chocoholic 🙂 Nothing goes better than coffee, chocolate and a good movie 🙂 My day starts off with freshly brewed beans to awaken and liven up myself and then around 10am, a little bit of choc (a little brick of lindt, or two, or three). I am addicted to having one slab a day! I would be the happiest girl to find myself at the coffee and chocolate expo this year <3

  • Losh Don Kisten

    Wow that’s a tough choice as I am both a chocaholic or a coffee-aholic…., the creaminess of the chocolates or the perk me up of the coffee….I am a lover of both. they just tingle my taste buds taking me to taste haven……my anti dotes to a great day and a uplifting mood…;-)

  • Thando

    My name is Thando and im a chocaholic. I love me all kinds of chocolate.

  • Maxine Michelle Gibbon

    Never underestimate the abilities of a woman who has access to coffee and chocolate #superpowers

  • Mikhail Peppas

    Mikhail Peppas is thoroughly absorbed by the worlds of chocolate and coffee. He used to
    make a wide variety of exotic chocolates for his well-remembered Swagger stand at the famous South Plaza Market

  • Cindy

    Oh my goodness… Coffee with chocolate is a winning combo. I love both! My brother in law is planning to go into the coffee industry and we are starting to learn more about distributors, roasting, pouring and obviously tasting all the products… With chocolate. This would be educational and tasty!

  • Sam

    Chocoholic surrounded by chocoholics, no chocolate bar is safe from us and we reeeeeeeaaaally want to attend this brilliant idea of expo so we can get chocolate wasted!! *Excited Face*

  • Shannon Krebs

    I am a Coffee-aholic and I would love to go to try out all the different types of coffees that the stalls have to offer

  • Tamryn Fjellvik

    I am a chocaholic and a coffee-aholic!! My parents are going, my dad is a chocoholic and my mom is a coffee-aholic, would be so cool to go with them!!

  • Charmain Dunn

    I am a Chocoholic and a coffee-aholic. My husband and I would love to go as it’s my first mothers day and this would be a dream come true.

  • Mira Mocktar Maharaj

    I’m the coffee-aholic and my better half is the chocaholic so we would love to go to this expo because it will be all that we need under one roof.

  • Carmel Steyn

    I am a chocoholic and hubby coffeeholic. I would love to go to the expo……what a lovely day out to see and experience our 2 passions 2gether. Just had twin boys….would be lovely 2 have a date day at the expo. Definetely on our bucket list of pleasures!!!!!

  • lynnith andreou

    Ooooh! The two most important and influential words for a frazzled mom! Coffeeeeee…….!
    Faithful friends in all seasons, lol!
    I would love to see excellent barristas at work and in competition,love it! Lets not start on the chocolate……….. ( daydreaming)

  • Billie Robinson

    I am a chocoholic without a doubt, have been ever since I turned 17. My husband on the otherhand is a huge lover of pure filter coffee. We would LOVE to win tickets to the chocolate coffee expo.

  • Teree

    I am a choca-coffeeholic, nothing beats a slab and a cuppa. It is my weekend treat to put on my perculator and smell the coffee brewing early Saturday morning. I <3 both.

  • Suvani

    I’m a chocoholic and my boyfriend is a coffeholic (“,) so we were pretty excited when we heard of the Coffee and Chocolate Expo! We’ve never been to one before so we’re looking forward to attending this one so please give us the tickets 😛

  • Kristy

    Coffee and chocolate is like cheese and wine, they are so good together, and well we all need a fix of something at work and drinking wine is seriously a no no….

  • Joles

    I would so love to be that at this fab event. Nothing comes close to coffee and chocolate. We would so love to experience this. I am a true chocoholic and my boyfriend a coffeeholic 🙂 We make the perfect combination <3

  • Charmaine McDonald

    I am going to this event because I am a chocoholic and coffee holic.

  • Michelle Govender

    The love of chocolate and coffee are one of life’s greatest pleasure , whether I’m in love and receiving a delicious box of pure temptation with its silky satisfaction or baking a cake for a friend chocolate is deeply stemed in my heart. My love of coffee leaves me roasting and grinding every day, with its attractive aroma , we need no alarm bells in my house. A cuppa with a whip of foam and sprinkle of coco gets every day going. My love of coffee and chocolate alone or combined isn’t just a love, it’s purely a way of ĺife♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡